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Want to really feel the bustling and energetic soul of Bangkok? Tours that we offer get you up close with and personal with our city, all with a local expert guide. From exploring our history on a Bangkok cycling tour, to wandering the back streets of some authentic local markets, to taking in the beauty of local temples by tuk-tuk! This city is an explosion for your senses, a mix of sights, sounds and smells.  A city that we love and can't wait to share with you. Take a Bangkok day tour with a difference!

Bangkok tours open up a contradicting, yet fascinating dichotomy of being a high-tech bustling metropolis, with a strong adherence to rich cultural traditions. Set on the Chao Phraya River, you can view the boats hustle, bobble and meander its people and produce along its waters, while the iconic tuk-tuks and 30,000 taxis carry others through the vibrant Bangkok streets. Be sure to check out some of the experiential Bangkok tours we have on offer.

Age old customs are maintained in stark contrast to the modern skyscrapers and futuristic overland metro system. Saffron robed monks still wander the streets of a busy morning, some still living in simple stilt houses on the river. A sprawling city, most Bangkok sightseeing tours only touch the surface of what this 1,500 square kilometre city has beneath the surface. With more than 10 million people calling it home, it is one of the worlds largest. Be sure to have your camera handy when you tour Bangkok. And, if you time things well, you could end up in Bangkok for Songkran, the Thai new year festival. It's one of the most vibrant times of year in Bangkok, and a great time to visit.


If you're short on time, here's what we recommend if you only have 24 hours in Bangkok


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Chinatown & Nightmarkets tour in Bangkok Bangkok Chinatown Food Discovery
from 12 reviews
From THB 1,867.00


Had enough pad thai to last a lifetime? Join this Bangkok tour to experience the Chinese food, culture and architecture of the Chinatown area. Be bamboozled by the market scene, see shops that sell nothing but religious paraphernalia, and try foods you've never heard of before! 


Tuk Tuk Experience tour in Bangkok Tuk Tuk Experience
from 7 reviews
From THB 1,347.00

Try and imagine Bangkok without the tuk tuks? It's just not the same is it? Join this Bangkok tour which uses everyones favourite compact 'car' to see some of the city's best bits. 


Bangkok Bike tour in Bangkok Bangkok by Bike
from 10 reviews
From THB 1,479.00

Do your bit to relieve traffic congestion in Thailand's capital by joining this Bangkok tour that trades in the tour bus for the humble bicycle. Cycle through Bangkok's backstreets, along canals, past temples, and houses to see a side of this city that few visitors get to see.   


Temple & River of Kings tour in Bangkok Temple & River of Kings
from 14 reviews
From THB 2,139.00

In between the skyscrapers, towers, traffic and buzz of humanity, Bangkok hides a secret: a network of waterways that you can travel on without the stress of fighting traffic. Join this Bangkok tour to ride a longtail boat along the canals to see another side of Thailand's relentless capital.


NYE in Bangkok
Place: Bangkok - [ 31/12/2014 - 01/01/2015 ]

As with every big global city, Bangkok rocks during New Year’s Eve. A common site is all night partiers shuffling off to the countless temples around the city at sunrise for merit-making, a tradition that helps to make the following year a prosperous and happy one.

Bangkok Chinese New Year Festival
Place: Bangkok - [ 01/01/2015 - 31/01/2015 ]

The Thai’s sure are a lucky bunch. Although celebrating their lunar New Year in April, the inhabitants of Bangkok also celebrate western New Years, and probably more importantly, the Chinese New Year. With a huge local Chinese population, this event is an annual highlight.

Place: Bangkok - [ 12/04/2015 - 14/04/2015 ]

Songkran, often referred to as the Water Festival is the Thai New Year. Originally the date was set by the astrologists, Songkran, was the official New Years Day in the Thai calendar. It is a time for cleansing and renewal. Traditionally Thai's visit their local temple to pray and make merit by offering alms to the monks.

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Mr. Martin F.
08 Nov 2014
Pam really did a super job. When we met her, we told her that we'd already been to the Golden Mount, so without skipping a beat she suggested that we go to the Dawn Temple instead. When we wanted to stay at the Sikh temple a little longer, she never pushed us to leave and played along well, even taking some great photos with my camera for me. She was patient, flexible, informative,and very friendly--she did a terrific job by all accounts. Very happy with our tour!
Ms. Marta O.
28 Oct 2014
Bike tour is probably the best way to discover Bangkok and any other city! Combination of visiting temples and areas where local people live was amazing experience!
Ms. Andrea C.
24 Oct 2014
What an awesome way to see a different part of Bangkok! Loved seeing the local way of life in a non-intrusive way.
Ms. Donna W.
07 Oct 2014
Our tour guide, Gof, was really lovely. Her enthusiasm really made the tour a lot of fun.
Ms. Victoria M.
30 Sep 2014
I had a great morning out with my guide, Gof. I found out all sorts of things about Thai history and culture and saw some important sights as well as little surprises that I would never have found on my own. Thanks Gof!
Ms. Carole D.
30 Jul 2014
Wawa was a fantastic guide and we thoroughly enjoyed our tour. She was very knowledgeablenand pleasant. Our only coment was the tour didn't finish at the start point so we had to get a tuktuk back, so this information would be useful perhaps.
Linn W.
23 Jul 2014
Gof were amazing! She is such a joy to hang around with! Such knowledgeable as well as honestly interested in my wellbeing.
Mr. Paul S.
25 Jun 2014
This bike tour (by Ah (spelling?) was GREAT!
Ms. Nicola C.
New Zealand
14 May 2014
Gof was a fantastic guide, making sure I saw lots of new things, got to try lots of food I wouldn't otherwise have done and made looking around Chinatown fun, engaging and safe.
Ms. Katia S.
09 May 2014
I did the Tuk Tuk experience tour with GOF. She was very knowledgeable, was able to explain the various temples, the local culture and traditions and spoke beautiful English. I would highly recommend her.

Welcome to Bangkok!

The Bangkok Urban Adventure team are passionate about their hometown.  From the food and its amazingly friendly people to its history and all those little hidden gems that few tourists get to see.  Join them in on an adventure as they introduce you to the city that they lovingly call home.


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